Till now we know how to draw web pages (through HTML5) then style and coloring it (through CSS3). Now it’s time for making web pages interactive through JavaScript. JavaScript is a language to “make webpages alive”. It can be kept in separate file or embedded in HTML code. It is supported by various browsers like Firefox, Netscape Navigator and Google chrome. JavaScript is scripting language that is very easy to learn since it doesn’t require environment setup.

These days all website are based on JavaScript and moreover it provide us various opportunities like form validation, controlling animations etc. Thus it is another necessary evil for website making. In this we will be learning basic concepts like variables, operators, functions, event handling, loop and conditional statements. In addition to that we will also coming across DOM and Array.

Course Curriculum


Basic Syntax

Events & functions


Data types & variables

Constants and Operators

Conditions & Loops

Inbuilt functions



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