About Us

While developing a strong and robust curriculum for digital marketing, the Simply Digital team realised that empowering our next generation with the digital knowhow is equally or rather more important. Since technology dominates each ones’ lives today, learning computer programming would be a smart idea. Developing various apps, building websites and games would help the kids to refine their logic, analytical skills and problem solving abilities.

This idea led to an in-depth research and hunt for a program that would be the best for today’s kids. Since this generation was already into the digital world, it was just required to channelize their interest into the right direction.

We found out that kids across the globe were being exposed to programming. We too needed to introduce such programs to our kids that would strike a correct balance between usage of the right brain and the left brain. The program that best matched our requirement was - coding. Hence, Coding for Kids program was conceptualized.

After a lot of testing and brain-storming, we designed multiple programs that catered to different age groups. Although we retained the basic coding essentials, our highly qualified faculty from IIT Delhi & IIT Kanpur have developed and designed the curriculum which is interesting as well as educational for the kids of various age groups.